Scooping Ice Cream Into Cups

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Learn how to attractively and properly scoop ice cream into a cup and present it to a guest or customer.


Proper Scoop Technique

  • Stand with hips square to the freezer. Keep wrist straight. Use upper back and arm muscles
  • Scoop from high point of the tub.
  • Scoop around the tub. Avoid digging
  • Form into a round ball. Dispense into cup without smashing scoop
  • Add cap if necessary. Cup should be 3/4 full with top of scoop above cup top plane.
  • Add spoon and/or waffle wedge.
  • Look customer in the eyes when presenting to guest or customer, and say, “Thank you!”


  • If ice cream is soft, use spring scooper.
  • If ice cream is soft, push aside so that guest receives a properly cold scoop.
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