Packaging Fudge for Allen Family Fudge

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To learn how to package fudge for shipping


  1. Gather all materials needed to package fudge
    • Fudge (from turtles)
    • White paper square papers
    • Small plastic bags
    • Gloves (to handle fudge)
    • Small Candy Boxes
    • Allen Family Fudge small labels
    • Allen Family Fudge round flavor labels
    • Crinkle Cut Confetti
  2. With gloved hands, place 1 (1/2 lb) piece of fudge onto the middle of a white square paper
  3. Take off the gloves and fold the paper over the fudge as follows:
  4. Fold the top corner over the piece of fudge and use a small Allen Family Fudge label to close it.
  5. Place the wrapped fudge into a small plastic bag, tucking the open edge underneath the piece of fudge
  6. Place the wrapped fudge into an assembled small candy box
  7. Fill in the empty sides with the crinkle cut confetti
  8. Write the flavor of the fudge onto a large round Allen Family Fudge flavor label onto the bottom 1/3rd of the label (refer to the imagined dotted line)
  9. Close the box, tucking the wings of the lid inside the box. Use the sticker to seal the box, placing the imaginary line along the dotted edge.
  10. Once finished with the entire order, place all pieces of fudge into the 2-door reach-in freezer, along with 3-6 ice packs to freeze overnight.
  11. Attach the order form onto the door of the freezer


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