Ordering from our Online Vendors

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To learn how to place orders from one of our many online vendors.


We use many online vendors. The following are vendors we order from most regularly:

  • US Foods – Prepped produce, frozen bakery, tortillas, chips, bio boxes
  • Webstaurant Store – kitchen smallwares and equipment, leafware, trays
  • Papermart – gable boxes, plastic bags, bulk packing boxes
  • RJS Labels – label sheets

The easiest way to access our accounts and place orders is to:

  1. Go onto Jonathan’s computer
  2. Open a new Firefox browser window. (Google Chrome does not have the same bookmarks)
  3. Click the VENDORS folder on the bookmarks bar near the top of the window
  4. Click on the vendor bookmark you’d like to access
  5. All account and log-in information should be auto-filled from the browser.
  6. If the account has a “order from previously ordered items” option, use that option unless you’re looking for something new
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