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To learn how to fill the mop bucket with floor cleaning solution, mop the floor, and then properly put away a clean mop and bucket.


  1. Assemble the wringer onto the edge of the mop bucket.
  2. Place the tip of grey rubber tube that runs from the solution center into the mop bucket.
  3. Press the rightmost button to start running solution into the mop bucket. Note: the clear tube running from the floor cleaner bottle should be continuously filled with a green/blue liquid. If not, the bottle may need to be replaced.
  4. Fill the mop bucket to about 4″ from the top edge with floor cleaning solution
  5. With the mop in the wringer, wheel the mop bucket into a position towards the end of the mop path
  6. Dunk the mop head in the solution a couple of times, then twist the head in the wringer and use the lever to wring out all the excess solution
  7. Mop in long, sweeping motions. Go back over tough spots with a scrubbing motion.
  8. Be sure to dunk and wring a couple of times in between mop spots.
  9. When finished, position the wringer (with mop) on the edge of the mop sink. Rinse the mop head with clean water, wring it out, and lay the mop head over the wringer.
  10. Dump the mop bucket out into the mop sink, and positioned the overturned mop bucket as in the picture.
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