Making Waffle Bowls

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To learn how to properly make waffle bowls.

Items Needed:

  1. Cone Mix
  2. Preheated Waffle Cone Iron(s)
  3. Waffle Bowl Form Cups (at least 2)
  4. White Handled Paring Knife
  5. Assembled Batter Dispenser (or a 2 oz black ladle if making waffle bowls on-site)
  6. Black Bus Tub lined with a Black Overlay


  1. Open the waffle iron and place a ladle full of cone mix on the center of the bottom iron grid and close the lid of the iron.
  2. Let cook for about 45 seconds.
  3. Open the waffle cone iron and using the paring knife, remove the waffle and place it centered on top of a Form Cup.
  4. Place a second Form Cup on top of the waffle cone and press it down to form it into a bowl. As you press down, flair out the top edges of the waffle.
  5. Remove the top cup.
  6. Place the still-warm Waffle Bowl carefully into the lined Bus Tub.


• Be gentle with the waffle bowls when stacking and when delivering them. They are fragile

• If the waffle bowls don’t have a lip around the top edge, then add more cone mix onto the waffle iron the next time.

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