How to do a Mail Merge for Printing Direct Mailing Labels

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To learn how to use Microsoft Word to create a set of mailing labels from an Excel worksheet.


  1. Open Word
  2. Select “Blank document”
  3. Click the “Mailings” tab near the top
  4. Click “Start Mail Merge” => “Labels”
  5. Select “30 per page” 8.5″ x 11″

    Press “OK”
  6. Click “Select Recipients” => “Use an existing list”
  7. Navigate to where you saved the latest mailing list file (Jonathan will have emailed you one)
    Select the file and click “Open”
  8. Select “Sheet1$”

    Press “OK”
  9. On the ribbon, click “Address Block”

    Press “OK”
  10. On the ribbon, click “Preview Results”
  11. Highlight the whole address block

    1. Click the “Home” tab
    2. In the “Paragraph” section, click the line spacing
    3. Click “Remove Space Before Paragraph”
  12. Click the “Mailings” tab
  13. Click “Update Labels”
  14. Unclick “Preview Results”
  15. Click “Finish & Merge” => “Edit Individual Documents”

    Select “All” => Press “OK”
  16. Load the printer with label paper
  17. Print
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